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TAP & Finding a Job in Another Geo

As our RTP grows - 80 new people per day by some measures - we receive increased interest from those living in other states and even other countries - Italy, Kuwait, Korea - while on deployment.

One O-3 asked: "I just got finished with a week-long, mandatory Navy course called Transition Assistance Program. There was a lot of great information like: resume writing, dressing, job searching, VA benefits, etc. - but delivered via firehose!

But transition seems more a road to travel vice a point in makes sense to me, but I'm a bit concerned about not having income for my family. I've heard of other transitioning guys trying to "get something lined up" for when they get out. Is that a wrong way to look at it?"

I replied: "I’m familiar with TAP and consider it to offer useful fundamental info for all and not so useful for any one individual given the singular nature of career transition.

You’re at the top of the talent pyramid so that your own approach would be different than the others in the class, e.g. they will want to hire you, not only a “veteran”.

Work and careers occupy much of our time and energy; we don’t rotate every 3 years; we are our own detailers.

Consequently, clarity for location, industry and role is critical. Best news is that you have a golden ticket for your transition to civilian employment as there will no negative bias towards what you did in the Navy. It will be a matter of you persuading an employer of interest ‘what you can do for them.’

Income is important; taking advantage of a golden opportunity may be equally important. In the long haul of your career, an extra couple of months to make the right decision will pay large dividends. If you were open to all geographies and partnered with a JO recruiting firm, you’d likely find something within 30 to 45 days of getting out.

Finding something right for you in the RTP is likely to require 60 to 120 days. You can research and network in advance, of course. Giving prospective employers a chance to meet you and to discuss why you want to work with them will be the difference-maker."

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