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Job Description and Resume' Mapping

Ideally, we have a contact who will recommend us to the hiring manager. Getting a resume' through the wickets of the on-line application process, bot-screening, Junior HR employee review etc is not easy. One colleague of mine posted a Sales VP role and received 4,200 resumes the following week. Overwhelming! We can imagine how many applications that either SAS or Cisco in the RTP must receive!

A recent client expressed an interest in Product Manager's role with Amazon. Job Description attached.

We created a spreadsheet that listed the criteria described in the Job Description and mapped these to related roles and responsibilities that the client has from his work in college, the Navy and commercial employment. Then we modified his resume' so that it connects his skills and experiences directly to what the company seeks. This helps to ensure that the resume's gets past the screening bot with a good chance of helping the Jr. HR Rep. understand his background.

Attached is the Amazon job posting and the first pass at a Criteria to Skills Mapping. Important is to craft a resume' that maps to the role posted. Companies do not spend time reading resume's trying to figure-out how and where an applicant might fit.

In summary

1. Evaluate the posting for the key words and features that the company seeks

2. Diagram your own career history noting where you've performed or achieved the sorts of qualifications that they seek

3. Prioritize this (2) list.

4. Compose resume' accordingly. Ideally in one page or one and 1/2 pages.

5. The resume' should tell how you are precisely qualified for the role that they seek to fill.

// cp

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