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30 Minute Calls with Recruiters

These calls exist to screen-out the unqualified. They are not interested in you yet. Please keep your replies and comments Simple and To The Point. Answer the questions asked; Do Not Volunteer Information.

The following written to a client who prepared for an interview with the Red Hat subsidiary of IBM. Red Hat is a fine, well managed Raleigh-based company. The recruiting process evolved out of necessity, e.g. too many applicants; not enough time or training to explore their 'fit' with the company; and the need to fill the position now.

In a 30 min convo, I guess that the recruiter will try to ascertain the following:

  • Technical capability for the role: Red Hat, Open Source, Cloud; Develop, Build, Run, Test, Improve process

  • Business acumen: capability to lead team consistent with needs of internal and external constituencies

  • Cultural fit: what is your engagement style, i.e. listening skills, thoughtfulness, preparation

Possible Questions -

  • What was it like being in an IT role in the Navy?

  • Why did you take and why are leaving your current position?

  • When are you available and what is your comp range?

  • What do you know about Red Hat and Red Hat's product suite?

  • They will try to figure-out if you understand that leading developers at Red Hat is different than directing sailors in the Navy. They want what they perceive to be the uniqueness of the military (achievement oriented and highly reliable) and they don't want what they perceive to be the standard sort of military management style - giving orders to subordinates.

What I would ask of the recruiter with "I want to continue to be part of a winning team" tone

  • Tell me more of the heritage of the position: a consolidation; influenced by recent access to IBM enterprise clients; requirement of the marketplace?

  • What might be a typical day in the life for this position?

  • What is the profile of the ideal candidate?

  • How much customer contact will I have ( I want to be as close to real time client feedback as possible)?

  • How much measurable influence will I have on customer success, revenues and profits?

Stage Direction

  • These are conversations, not quizzes or tests. They want to like you & hope your are The Fit.

  • Be prepared to explain/defend the resume' that you submitted and the questionnaire that you completed. Try not to talk about much more than what is in these documents.

  • If by WebEx, wear dark colors that focus attention on your neck and face. Be looking up to the screen; chin above the parallel. Be mindful of room lighting and background images

  • Goal of discussion, unless these are the hiring managers, is to qualify for a F2F next meeting.

  • You are looking for opportunity. Red Hat is the opportunity and this is an area where you can help RH.


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