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SERVICES - for both Junior Officer & Mid-Career Veterans

Career Transition Planning

You've been detailed according to the needs of the service for your entire career. Now you have the choice of geography, industry and role. Please take some time to calculate your options. Speak with as many people as possible. Consider carefully the sorts of workplace experiences that motivate you. 



What's the Right Job

The right job in the service was the job assigned to you, such as the ship's navigator on Friday and the engineering officer on Monday. In the private sector, accountants almost never become sales engineers. We'll help you to evaluate your preferences for structure, income, and responsibility, as well as the kinds of problems that you enjoy solving. We'll introduce you to others so that you may learn how they uncovered their roles and careers.


Resumé Development

You have unique skills, experiences and training which are seldom understood by key-word searches of resumé-reading software. And junior personnel in HR are unaccustomed to receiving veteran resumés. We'll help you translate your valuable qualities into both a business language and a format that is easily understood by hiring managers. 



Networking & Interviewing

Conversations get jobs, not on-line resumé submissions. We'll introduce you to others in the work-force so that you can establish your own network effect. Interview prep includes the elevator-pitch, the informal discussion and the formal interview, all based on your own value-proposition.


Recommended Reading

We believe in reading what senior business leaders read: the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, The Economist. There is no time to read everything and we recommend that you keep abreast of general economic trends and your industry of interest. Accurate are the phrases “Learn to Earn” and “Readers are Leaders.”

How to Dress

You are the message. We subscribe to the notion of the corporate athlete and the performance value of diet, rest and exercise is well respected by veterans. Your wardrobe is an investment in your earning potential. We'll assist you in developing a style of dress that flatters you and is appropriate for your new career. Uniforms are no longer required nor even appropriate in most professions.

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