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AnchorRTP was founded by Chris Perrien USNA 74 and Matt Cox USNA 08. We believe that transitioning veterans can establish successful careers in customer-facing roles such as project and product management; sales and business development. Our geographic focus is the Research Triangle Park region of North Carolina and our business model is to perform more as agents for our clients more than as recruiters for hiring companies. After all, there are plenty of Junior Officer Recruiting Firms.


It's an intense competition for talent in the marketplace. Qualified veterans offer the technical skills, leadership training and capacity to achieve results that hiring companies seek once they understand the connection of your skills and experiences to their own needs. AnchorRTP assists our clients in the process of resumé development, opportunity planning, personal networking and career coaching. 

Since the spring of 2014, we've assisted transitioning vets in uncovering opportunities with Cisco, Red Hat, Oracle, Deloitte & Touche, Booz Allen, Siemens, PPDI, ABM, RelyMD, Validic, Lord Corporation, Edward Jones and Capitol One. And we have good recruiting contacts at RTI and Cisco in the RTP.

A successful transition plan can require 3 to 6 months depending upon the candidate's location and time of the year (peak hiring seasons are 10 January to 10 May and 10 September to 15 November).


Matt and I a members of the US Naval Academy Alumni Association in the RTP. We recommend that vets exploring the area for careers join the Association to see if peer-to-peer networking is all that may be needed to jump-start a successful transition.

Who We Are
Chris Perrien USNA 74

I spent 30 years in technical sales: 15 with several software start-ups and 15 years with IBM, all in the RTP of North Carolina. I'm convinced that transitioning veterans can establish lucrative, satisfying careers in customer-facing roles if they are less attracted to the traditional post-service roles of DoD contracting, operations management and nuclear engineering. 

Matthew Cox USNA 08

Matt is the Director of Business Development for Global Data Consortium with prior sales experience at RelyMd and Winsor Circle. He earned a BS from the Naval Academy, minored in History with a post-grad degree from Georgetown. His naval service was aboard the USS Alaska, SSBN 732, as a nuclear certified engineering officer.

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