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While Waiting-Out CV-19

Summer is always the bottom end of the employment cycle and normally remains in its doldrums through Labor Day. This year's career transition process is aggravated by the Pandemic and the pending Presidential election as corporations and investors prefer predictability over tumult. Don't we all?!

Good news for veterans in transition is that you possess skills and experiences in making business decisions with the health, safety and well-being of your teams/troops/crews top of mind. Few managers at commercial companies have ever been taught or experienced the gravity of such personnel decision-making. And you've been trained to do this this since you were 18 years old.

Although we experience an extraordinary hiring climate, the experiences of veterans in making decisions and producing results amidst uncertainty for the near-future is now valued as never before. I recommend that you emphasize such experience in presenting yourself to employers of interest to you.

Of course, this is not a 'combat' discussion; it is a presentation of decision-making amidst a fog of singular uncertainty where the welfare of others can be at risk.

Leadership, I suggest, is the talent for encouraging individuals to act for a common good amidst the individual uncertainty of the moment. //cp

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