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 "I just accepted a new outside sales management role in healthcare! Thank you for giving me such great advice on leveraging my IBM experience to get back into an outside sales role. What was absolutely critical was how you helped me to narrow down exactly what I was looking for in a sales role starting with industry, who I am selling to,  and who I should be connecting with in my network to help get there."

Hannah A. 12/2021

HealthCare Sales

Anchor RTP was pivotal in my transition out of the Navy. I knew that I wanted to establish roots in the Triangle area, but had a difficult time trying to determine an industry and position. Chris was there every step of the way to help me navigate my options and provide the right level of coaching and mentorship to identify the correct next steps in my journey.

Chris’s professionalism, level of knowledge, and network is unparalleled.  Having worked with other major players in the business of placing transitioning military members, I was able to clearly see that Chris truly cared about my transition and made it possible for me to find a new career in the area. I bring up Chris and Anchor RTP to every service member that I come across, and would happily employ his service again with full confidence and appreciation.

Chris M, USNA 12, Submariner

Virtual Account Manager, NetApp

Transitioning out of the Navy was scary and full of unknowns. I did not understand how to present myself to business people who had never been in the military and I couldn’t explain what I wanted to do, never mind my potential value to a company. 

I used a number of the transition programs available to service members, but the one that rose above the others was Anchor RTP. I met Chris before my family and I even decided on RTP as our landing location. He made me feel welcome to the area- confident the area had real career opportunity- and part of a community. Once we decided that the Raleigh area was our final PCS location, I reached out to Chris for help. See, I transitioned from Moscow, Idaho and made the location decision a year before planning to arrive in the area. Trying to network outside of the local area would not have gone well without Chris guiding and introducing along the way.

I truly enjoyed Chris’s methodology. He opens your eyes to possibilities and then introduces you to his connections to start conversations. He gives feedback on what he is hearing and continues to work with you through the up’s and down’s that occur along this journey. I had more help than just Anchor RTP, but their help directly lead to an amazing opportunity. I would not have been ready or able to take that chance I did without Chris’s help.

If you are thinking about working with Anchor RTP, it is worth the investment in yourself. I say invest.

SM Aviator, Class of 93

VP Business Development, Services Design Group

"The AnchorRTP method is empowering and effective. Unlike traditional, commission-based placement assistance firms, AnchorRTP coaches their candidates and helps them navigate the hiring process across industries and seniority levels. They have a broad network of valuable contacts at companies in the RTP area that align with your interests and resumé. Through collaboration and communication, they help to establish connections, ensuring a solid mutual fit for the candidates and those hiring.

I was trying to move cross-country and maintain a senior position at a tech firm, just as COVID-19 was causing companies to halt their hiring processes. Chris kept me focused on building relationships with key employees at targeted companies until hiring resumed. With a strong understanding of what I wanted in my next role, Chris helped me find not just any job in the RTP area, but a position at a company where I can continue to build my career.  Now, whenever I am hiring, Chris and AnchorRTP are my first call." 


Program Manager, IT

About five years after I separated from Active Duty, I started looking at relocating to the Triangle after trying my luck living in the Boston area.  I did not have many connections in the area and fell into a typical pattern of firing-off resumes into online portals and getting very little traction in my job search.  Fortunately, I reconnected with Matt, and when I mentioned my planned move he introduced me to Anchor RTP and the relationship based mindset he and Chris bring to the table.

I spent the next few months working closely with Chris to establish new contacts, pursue unique opportunities, and get a great feel for the area.  Chris was able to help introduce me to former Anchor clients at several major employers in the area, as well as many smaller companies, and even called in a favor to have a former colleague help retool my resume.  Throughout the process I was able to build a completely new professional network in the area, and landed not one, but two unique job opportunities that facilitated my move and career advancement even during the COVID-19 crisis.

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Matt and Chris, and truly value the time I spent as an Anchor RTP client."

NW Submariner, Class of 08

Project Manager, Industrial IoT

When I transitioned 3 years ago, I started by engaging the typical officer recruiting firms. Unfortunately, the jobs they pitched weren't tailored to my interests. After my own long and extensive search, I finally landed a Project Manager job in the Triangle. A different approach was the right option this time around.

I already knew Chris from USNAAA events. When I told him about the new job search, he suggested considering Anchor RTP. He is a great salesman, but I took him up on the offer because he's an even better mentor. We talked through career interests, industries, and market trends. He introduced me to alumni in various customer facing roles that I was considering. He told me about his experience in small and large companies, and about the value of skills vs. salary at this point in my career. It was the complete opposite of the other recruiting firms.

What stood out for me was the value Chris added at the end. The way he navigated me through the interview process was impressive to say the least. From helping with preparation, to timing, to advice when things started to go sideways, he knew how to play it perfectly. I got to choose between compelling offers from my top two choices.

We're so fortunate to have a resource like Anchor RTP in the Triangle! Reach out now if you're considering a new role.


Nick / USNA 12 / Submariner

Electric Vehicle Program Manager

Finding a new career or job opportunity is never easy.  As a former Naval Officer and civilian employee with more than 10 years of experience, I wanted to partner with someone different than a typical job recruiter.  I wanted someone who understood my background, work ethic, and had my best interests in mind. Utilizing Anchor RTP was the right choice for me.


Chris Perrien played an instrumental role throughout my job search.  Not only did he broaden my network but helped me objectively evaluate my career options.  Chris pointed out both the positives and negatives and how best to navigate the next steps.  He routinely checked-in, served as a great sounding board and ultimately helped me secure the right opportunity.  Like many other veterans, I look forward to Chris’s continued mentorship.       



Seth Stallings, USNA 01

Operations & Project Management 

"The past 2 years have been a period of significant change for my family and I. From a 13 year veteran operating on a front-line squadron in Her Majesty's Royal Air Force, to emigrating to the US, and finally finding my niche in the renewables industry has been a journey of significant self-discovery. One of the best decisions I made was to reach out to the veteran's network in the local area and subsequently be connected to Chris Perrien at AnchorRTP. 


My main issue was target identification and processing; I had a number of preconceptions of what I wanted to do, what I thought I could do and what I thought I couldn't do. 


Chris was the 'calm hand on the tiller'; he helped me prioritize what I wanted to do, focus on meeting the right people and gave me the tools to be able to talk about my previous skills and experiences in a fashion attractive to the companies I liked. He also helped me build the confidence to not be limited by a preconceived notion of status based on my military life.    


More broadly the AnchorRTP team has been a welcoming family in the Triangle region helping us in the transition to a new life. From being invited to USNA alum luncheons that a British Airman has no business attending, to going to the Perrien's family home socially, the community has made transition easy. 


It is no coincidence that if any life/career decisions arise in my household now one of the people I love to bounce ideas off of is Chris Perrien andI look forward to the next move I have to make as I know I will receive some sage wisdom from the AnchorRTP family!"


Ian Mason / RAF Cargo Master

Carolina Solar Services

When I began my transition out of the Army as a mid-career officer, I thought that I would have an easy time finding the next career: I had an MBA, an MS, and more than 10 years as a leader in Army Special Operations with multiple combat deployments around the globe. On my way through the mandatory classes, I helped mentor younger Soldiers and constantly reminded them to “know your worth” and “not settle” in their next career field. However, I found these same phrases daunting when it came to knowing MY worth!


During my search for the next career, I became disillusioned with the headhunters who had binned me as an “operations” guy simply because I was coming out of the service. The career opportunities that were offered to me were much more in line with those of a junior officer or first line supervisor. More than anything else over the past decade, I had been a customer-facing representative of a unique organization. I had the skillset to plan, coordinate, and execute complex operations with foreign partners; I had to sell these operations to US Ambassadors and General Officers who understood the strategic risk involved.


My problem placing into a similar role in the civilian world was not a lack of experience or education; my challenge was the lack of a network and ignorance in the scope of opportunities available. Fortunately, I was referred to Chris Perrien and Anchor RTP by some of my former coworkers who had preceded me in leaving the Army. Although I was not coming from the Department of the Navy, Chris allowed me to join his network and coached me throughout my turbulent transition. He introduced me to the IT industry, people in the sales business, and ultimately to the people who were able to provide me with the opportunity for which I was best suited.


Chris also helped me understand the different customer-facing roles for which I might be suitable; he helped me stay on course during those days and weeks that I otherwise might wallow in despair at not having any interviews or call-backs. In the end, if I had not decided to go with Anchor RTP, I would probably still be looking for the rewarding second career. I encourage anyone leaving the military (which everyone must eventually) who wants a customer-facing role to seek out Chris and Anchor RTP; they will equip you with the tools needed to succeed in furthering your career beyond service in uniform.


Jeffrey S., USASOC

Cyber Security Account Manager

BLUF: Aligning yourself with Anchor RTP (Chris Perrien) is the BEST decision of a second career’s beginning!


From our earliest days as Midshipmen, we were trained and prepared ourselves to successfully integrate into every environment in which we entered – in academia, at sea, in the air, on lands foreign and domestic.  Head down…hard work…devotion to duty.  Amidst Shipmates who also gave their all, we succeeded together even as we were individually selected for promotions and chosen for command or special duty.  There is a defined process for how we train, operate, and manage people and global crisis.  That doesn’t apply to the real world…


Regardless of how many years of service you have when departing the United States Navy, the Detailer is no longer responsible for where you live, what job you will have, or the training that will prepare you to succeed.  You are now your own Detailer….  Got it.  My career offered me plenty of experience to make hard decisions.  Location (Raleigh) – check!  Housing (downtown townhouse) – check! Job – TBD… There was a gap in my knowledge of the local area and those in it that were necessary to make job transition successful.


As a senior Officer, it is equally easier and harder to step into a job / company that leverages your skills and will satiate a desire to “fit in”. Finding the right level of entry and meeting the people that will see you as “the right person” – for a job that has yet to be advertised – was made possible via Anchor RTP….specifically Chris Perrien.  A senior Navy peer pointed me toward Chris.  I quickly saw the multitude of his skills, talents, and multi-faceted persona as a Flag Aide, Public Affairs Officer, and Chief of Staff… Best recommendation I’ve EVER received!  


Money and time are both valuable resources.  As my desire was to find a second career soon after retirement, I saw true benefit to appling my financial resources to shorten the path to a second career.  Chris helped me (1) sharpen my elevator speech, (2) translate FITREP verbiage to a civilian resume, (3) physically connect me with people in companies that had hiring authority, and – most importantly – understand that Company X will NEVER operate on a timeline of my choice.  Be prepared…bonus bits of mentoring with some tough love will be offered in equal parts.  YOU will still have to work HARD to get that new job / career.  Leveraging Anchor RTP is a recommendation I make without hesitation. PRESS 100 NOW!!!

Carrie A. Hasbrouck

Information Warfare, N-6

I found Anchor RTP while trying to transition to my second job after leaving active duty. I had previously used a military officer recruiter to land my first job in which I was just another number and did not learn how to truly find meaningful work. I was limited in my choices and I accepted a job with no other options.


Working with Anchor RTP provided me with a completely different experience. Chris provided me with endless opportunities to talk to other veterans spread across several different companies and career fields. I was able to learn about specific career fields that interested me and how to uncover opportunities. Chris worked with me to construct my resume to meet the specific positions I was applying for and prepared me for each interview along the way.


I was able to start a great network, learned how to effectively job hunt and find a job that was a great fit.

Stephen Thorn 12 USMC

Leaving the navy after 11 years was the most challenging and stressful experience of my professional life. While I was fortunate to be in a unit that allowed me ample time to plan for my upcoming separation, that flexibility also allowed me to be undisciplined in my effort and to fall victim to "paralysis by analysis." I cast my net wide: engaging with JMO recruiters, attending SACC conferences, and reconnecting with Chris and Anchor RTP years after initially being introduced.


Chris was invaluable in my career transition. He made it clear from day one that his role wasn't to get me a job, but rather to teach me how to get a job. He described himself as a "running mate" through the process, and that's exactly how our relationship developed. By challenging assumptions, speaking hard truths, making introductions, and, most of all, helping me figure out what was most important in my future life, Chris brought discipline and focus to my search and gave me the confidence to make the hard, but right, decisions. I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today without Chris' mentorship and guidance. 


Not everyone in the military-to-civilian industry truly believes in the value military officers can bring to an organization. Chris does. He's both eternally optimistic in every one of us and realistic at the same time - and this is a winning combination for the transitioning service member. The transition has often been described as a rollercoaster; and that description was entirely accurate for me. Chris was there throughout the ride, to bring me back from the lows, to question some of the highs, and in the end, to celebrate the journey and eventual end.

Emory Miller USNA 07

Cisco Systems Sales

For most Veterans in transition, it is not a matter of how successful you’ll be but the degree of such success.


If you are seeking to maximize your transition potential, I highly recommend Anchor RTP. Few Veteran resources offer the personalized and holistic approach that Chris and his team offer. I personally credit Anchor RTP for accelerating my transition process and opening opportunities that I never considered or knew existed.


After five years in the Marine Corps, and moving from Louisville, KY to Raleigh, NC, I was faced with the challenge of finding a new job in a new city. Through a mutual connection, I was introduced to Chris and Anchor RTP. Chris was happy to connect me with fellow Marine Corps Veterans in the Triangle area that had recently transitioned. These connections turned into meaningfully conversations that resulted in immediate opportunities. Before I completed the move to NC, I was realizing the benefits of Anchor RTP.

Throughout my job search, Chris acted as a trusted advisor and ‘running mate’. His frequent check-ins helped guide me and ensure I was on the right path. Chris got to know me personally and we worked in tandem to find the right job, in the right place, at the right compensation level. In the end, I accepted a role that exceeded my expectations.

Today more than ever, Veterans have a plethora of opportunities and resources available to them. Anchor RTP helps makes sense of this world and helps you make the best decision for your personal situation. I highly recommend their service and would do it all over again. 

-        JJ Y, USMC Force Recon


Systems Architect

In my experience, transitioning from the military to the civilian world was definitely very challenging. It was not impossible to find a job coming straight out of the military, but it was definitely extremely difficult to find a quality job that was the right fit and something to be proud of. Chris made that happen.


Chris and Anchor RTP provided a solid program that helped refine my resume and interviewing skills, successfully translated military work experience into civilian terms, and expanded my personal and professional network greater than I could have done on my own.  The services provided were astronomically better than any other group I worked with. The personalized approach showed how much Chris truly cared and the daily effort was very impressive.  His mentorship was not only valuable for a career search, but has proven to be applicable on a day to day basis in the career field I have entered.


The network I have built through Chris has proven to be worth its weight in gold.  Although all of the services provided were top of the line, I have to rank the networking aspect as the most valuable to me.  If you want to be successful then surround yourself with successful people.  Anchor RTP will ensure that happens.  I don’t have any shortage of great things to say.



Technical Sales Cisco Systems

Trying to transition to my second job post-military was a daunting task.  I was working full-time, living 10 hours away in CT, and had a 3 month time-line to line jobs up.  Other recruiters were unhelpful in narrowing jobs to one location and submitting resumes online proved to be a fruitless waste of time.

Working with Chris and AnchorRTP was the resource that I needed to get to that initial conversation.  The calls with him helped me narrow down exactly what type of company and role I was really interested.  The time he took to not just throw me at any offer or company but to actually find opportunities that I was interested in set him apart.  Chris was able to attend job fairs on my behalf and get my resume to the people who I could actually talk to.  With the inability to travel to the area regularly, having someone local was a valuable asset.  He always stressed the importance of networking and it proved to be the reason I’m happily employed in the area.  

If you are looking specifically to move to the RTP area post military and need a resource to get yourself a new career, I can without a doubt recommend AnchorRTP.  Without his help, I would not have been employed by the time I moved.  I can confidently say that Chris helped me land a job at a company I am glad to be a part of.  He is a great resource and ally to have working on your behalf.

Alex D. Submariner

Technical Sales Red Hat

Separating from the Navy after 9 years of service can be a daunting task, as navigating career paths and building strategic meaningful networks proves a difficult endeavor.  Chris and Anchor RTP not only make transition easier through resume refinement and interview prep, but keep you abreast of market trends and translate military skills and leadership attributes into a language that businesses relate to.


More importantly, Chris and Anchor RTP have helped me build a strong dedicated network.  The connections made and advice I have received throughout the program have proved invaluable as a resource in managing the job market. As a testament to the program’s dedication and devotion to transitioning veterans, I stay in close contact with Chris today and often seek his advice and mentorship.   


I strongly recommend any transitioning service member to partner with Chris and Anchor RTP to help you clarify what is most important in your career and help you thrive professionally. I am confident that without the help of Chris I would not have the vision, future, and career choices that I have today.

Mike D / Seal Team 6

Cisco Technical Sales

The bottom line is that my network has grown exponentially since leaving the Army in May 2017 and is a direct result of my involvement with Chris and Matt. By and large, the most valuable and rewarding part of working with AnchorRTP were the connections I’ve made, and continue to make. To this day, I stay in very close contact with Chris and Matt and now call them personal friends. I’d challenge you to find that elsewhere during a “job hunt.”

Both Chris and Matt blew my expectations out of the water. I’d previously attended SACC conferences and even worked with a few JMO Headhunters (I started early!), ultimately deciding I wanted something with a smaller feel. Frankly, those services pale in comparison to the attention, professional nurturing, and growth you’ll find working with both Chris and Matt.

If you’re coming to Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill or anywhere else in the Triangle looking for work, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not connecting with AnchorRTP. If you find someone/something better in this area than Chris and Matt, then coffee’s on me!

Austin Grimes USMA ’09 Armor/Signal Corps

Business Development (Tech Startup & Private Equity Firm)

Once I had made the decision to transition from the Navy to the private sector, I immediately started investigating the myriad of different placement firms and other networking organizations available to transitioning military members. However, I quickly realized that these companies, while extremely successful in their own right, really only saw me as the next placement, rather than the right placement. That’s when I got in touch with Chris at AnchorRTP and immediately noticed a distinct fundamental difference. Chris didn’t sit me down in front of a dozen hiring managers with open positions and say “pick one.” Chris didn’t immediately assume that, as a former nuclear submarine officer, I would be the next nuclear plant operator or oil and gas project engineer. What Chris and the rest of the extensive AnchorRTP network did do was help me find out exactly what I wanted out of my first post-Navy position. I benefited from dozens of personal, one-on-one meetings in a “non-interview” capacity with people from every walk of business where I didn’t talk about this position or that company, but I discussed what really gets me excited about joining the civilian workforce. To put it plainly, AnchorRTP helped me really zero in on the industries and types of positions where I would be the most passionate about my job. I am certainly thankful to have benefited from the high level perspective that AnchorRTP and its network maintains, and I am proud to now be part of the AnchorRTP alumni.

Matt Gieszl, U.S. Naval Academy ‘08

Financial Advisor, Edward Jones Investments

Chris, you and your team at AnchorRTP were excellent in helping us source veteran talent. We appreciate your support and professionalism. We look forward to a continued partnership. 

Lorri Brady Jackson

Regional Manager Oracle Global Programs

The program is great for resume refinement and interview prep, but the best resources they offer are:

  1. The vast network that opens up to you. I built up a pretty large network, but the network Chris and AnchorRTP introduced me to was quality over quantity. This network viewed me not as a number for a quota, but a person that they genuinely wanted to help.

  2. The honest self analysis of what you want from a career (not what you think you're supposed to do). I had my heart set on what I thought I should do after the Army. Chris and Matt showed me other areas to look at. In the end, I went a different route than I thought I would at first, and I am extremely happy with my choice. That would not have been possible if someone hadn't pointed me in other directions.

  3. Having a coach in Chris, someone who really has your best interests in mind. Chris was always available. He was a great resource to bounce ideas to, and give you honest feedback. This didn't just pertain to career options. Leaving the military is a hard transition, with things you have never had to think about before. Having people there who know what you have been thru and can offer advice was great.


I would strongly recommend this program to anyone moving to the Raleigh-Durham area after leaving the service, especially if you are not in the area now (I was located in California). You get what you put into it ... this is not a placement firm. But, if you are willing to open up to other opportunities, want a coach, and desire the tools necessary to have a successful transition, this is the program for you.

Scott C. 07 US Army Signals Officer

Healthcare Start-Up Operations Manager

The Anchor RTP transition process was fantastic. The skills I developed will undoubtedly help me for the rest of my career. Chris and Matt teach you how to market yourself, build a network, and interview like a pro. The best part is that you learn it all through practical application. Forget about wasting countless hours tailoring resumes and submitting dozens of online job applications. Anchor RTP takes you through a process that makes your time count and focuses you on the important tasks—the tasks that ultimately help land your target job at one of your target companies.     

Nick L. Army Infantry Officer

Project Management, RTP, NC

Working with Chris and AnchorRTP during my career transition gave me confidence in myself and the relevance of my skill set as I changed industries. Through multiple conversations, Chris helped me refine my career goals and identify professional opportunities at blue-chip companies. More importantly, however, Chris was able to work with his connections inside the firm to help them identify and place me in the proper role. 

George K.

Healthcare Consulting

I landed an amazing position with an incredible company, but without AnchorRTP’s help, I would not have even landed that first interview. Their business connections alone made working with them worthwhile. I was initially looking at several different regions of the country and Chris personally knew people in each one.

I worked with several of the typical headhunters, and more times than not the career opportunities they brought me were cookie-cutter for someone of my position and rank in the military; I didn’t need someone to get me interviews that I could get on my own. Chris really took the time to get to know me and my desires for my first job out of the military. He asked thoughtful questions and provided valuable insight, causing me to think hard about what I wanted for me and my family. Based on our discussions, he found an opportunity that was within my geographical location of choice, that far-exceeded my financial goals, and most importantly, was in line with my reasons for getting out of the military.

Adam Harris Submarine Officer


AnchorRTP didn’t just help me transition from active duty Marine Corps to a civilian career, they created a career opportunity and translated my positive experiences and skills into something meaningful to the IT community. AnchorRTP’s mentorship and counsel enabled me to start a career in a Fortune 100 company. I strongly recommend Chris Perrien and the AnchorRTP team to both veterans and businesses seeking highly qualified candidates.

G.H. USMC CH-53 Helicoptor Pilot

Technical Sales

AnchorRTP has kept me abreast of various job opportunities with prominent companies around the RDU area. Chris Perrien has been my connection with AnchorRTP over the years and he has been very genuine and shows great care for the local Navy alumni. In fact, I have felt at times that he is more than a networking guru. Chris, whether he knows this or not, has served as a career counselor, life coach, and father figure to us former midshipmen. My current rewarding and enjoyable occupation is due to Chris introducing me to the right people at the right company.

B.D. USMC Combat Engineer

Project Management

Separating from the Navy after 12 years was even tougher than most of the things that I did in the Navy. AnchorRTP, and especially Christopher Perrien's mentorship & counsel, made the transition smoother than I could have hoped for. Specifically, Chris helped me to look “outside the box” of nuclear power and engineering management and to see all the possibilities that were before me in other industries and job types. He helped me to realize that I had a lot of translatable skills that would be valuable in a variety of settings. Chris also did some very tangible things with me: he prepared me for interviews; he worked with me on translating my Navy skills and experiences directly into language that the business & healthcare communities could understand and relate to; he met with me regularly to provide coaching and assess the options that I was considering. I am confident that without the mentorship of Chris Perrien and AnchorRTP, I would have settled for a “safe” job at a nuclear power plant or engineering firm. Instead, with his encouragement, I took an outstanding job at a healthcare IT startup where I’ve thrived professionally and have been promoted multiple times — just like Chris said I would.

Nuclear Sub Officer

Director of Implementation w/ App Dev Start-Up

AnchorRTP and Christopher Perrien provided phenomenal, multi-phased interview preparation. I sought and won a solutions consulting role in the technology industry based on the precise advice from AnchorRTP. Chris’s business and industry experience, as well as his understanding of veteran talent capabilities, made for a very smooth transition into a new role and industry. From my prior experience as a recruiter, I remain impressed with AnchorRTP’s level of professionalism and results.


Technical Solutions Consultant F100 Firm

Anchor RTP and Chris have helped me clarify my value proposition to the marketplace. Chris is a fierce advocate for the unique skill set that is common among Service academy graduates – namely 1) technical training and competence, 2) real leadership experience in a technical environment, 3) the ability to make a decision with less than complete information. This 3rd point is something we all take for granted. But, my experience in the civilian world is that this is a HUGE differentiator for us. Most folks, from lack of business courage or fear, simply are unwilling to take a stand for a position or course of action. They simply don’t want to “take command.” We (generally) do this reflexively and it is a trait that is highly valued in the marketplace.


Chris helped me recognize the value of the intangibles that service academy graduates bring to the table. As a more senior job seeker, one important element (perhaps the most important) is the ability to network with folks and gain access and insight into businesses and key players. Chris is a consummate networker and Anchor RTP is quickly becoming established as a network clearinghouse for service academy job seekers in the RTP area and beyond. As it grows, its power to help members and “alumni” will continue to grow. It will also grow as a resource for a talent pool as we take on more senior roles and need to hire great people. 


Finally, Chris is a great career advisor. It is important to have a source to give good, strong, unbiased and challenging feedback as you consider potential opportunities, compensation negotiations and benefits/drawbacks of various career opportunities – whether at your current firm or a potential new role. Chris has been able to help me clarify what is important to me, help me avoid short-term thinking and maximize my future opportunity.
I strongly encourage any service academy graduate interested in a career in the Triangle to join forces with Chris and allow him to help you find the right next assignment.

Ken Clark USNA 87

Regional Director Document & Data Management firm

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