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So, Why Do You Want to Work Here?

It's hard to find good people, talent acquisition in the modern corporate vernacular. It's even harder to hire talent once that you've found it. There are lots of rules and procedures to make sure everyone is treated fairly, including veterans, of course, who are offered a modicum of atypical consideration.

Hiring the wrong person can be an organizational disaster; we've all seen this. Removing the wrong hire is more taxing than the complex hiring process, so companies are careful in both situations.

Unlike the Navy, which assigns submarines officers to detail or to manage the careers of other submariners, almost never will you encounter an accountant or sales manager in Human Resources or Talent Acquisition trying to hire accountants and sales reps. The HR and TA types rely on the job description and a list of their own criteria before forwarding your resume' into the formal hiring process. Be prepared for this circumstance. Be ready to succinctly explain how your

service skills and experiences relate to and qualify you for the role that you apply for.

Please remember that the HR or TA rep and the Corporate Recruiter knows little about that role and much less about how your background maps to that open position. This is why organizations lean heavily on "have you done this before successfully?" because they are likely unable to interpolate your military skills into their needs.

As a template, be prepared to answer a variation of these questions for your targeted company as provided to Anchor RTP by a large IT firm in the RTP:

Candidate Profile

  • Team Player

  • Goal Oriented

  • Capable of Creative Thinking; "Outside of the Box"

Candidate Should Demonstrate

  • Desire to be in technology industry

  • Desire for technical sales role

  • Desire to work with Our Company

In short, help them to hire you by showing how you fit into their organization. //cp

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