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Work for Fulfillment; You'll Make Plenty $

My father's was a stock broker. One client corned the cotton market, posed for the cover of Time Magazine and bought our one home with his commissions. Awed by his eccentric behaviors - my mom would make lamps for her friends from the Jeroboam-sized bottles of champagne that he would bring with his visits in that convertible 1965 Lincoln - my sisters and I were awed by his eccentric behavior. When my 12 year old sister told him, 'that you're so rich, Mr. Jordan," he replied reflexively and instantly that "rich people are people who have control of their time." He elaborated that having money becomes a endless competition to keep others from taking it from you, but he said this in a more colorful way.

Those in career transition, especially clients enjoying a well-deserved pension, will likely see simple wisdom in Ms. Robin's summary. The investment advice should be updated in consideration of prevailing interest rates and the insight into true wealth and the principles of financial management are sound.

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